What is Fashion?

Fashion is a form of expression and a way to show your personality. It is a multibillion-dollar global enterprise that involves designing, manufacturing, and selling clothes. Fashion is also a reflection of societal change and can be used as a tool to communicate political ideas.

People can choose to follow the latest fashion trends or they can create their own style and be unique in their own way. Some people get inspired by movies, celebrities or popular fashion icons and prefer to follow them calling it fashion whereas other create their own look from scratch.

One of the most important factors in fashion is balance. The right amount of symmetry in the clothes, fabric texture, body shape of the model and color are key to a perfect look. The same principle applies to accessories, and the choice of jewelry is very important. The right amount of contrast between a necklace and bracelets or earrings and shoes is also very important.

The fashion industry is highly globalized and multinational, with designers creating styles that are produced by manufacturers in different countries, sometimes using imported materials. The clothing industry is a major source of employment in the developing world. Millions of people work in the buying, selling and production of clothes.

The media plays an important role in the fashion industry, spreading new trends and information about the latest designs. Magazines, newspapers, TV, social media platforms (like Instagram or TikTok) and fashion blogs all contribute to the spread of information about the latest fashions.