What Is Fashion?


Fashion is a term that refers to a prevailing style of dress or an overall look. It is also used to describe trends in hairstyles, makeup, furniture styles and many other aspects of culture. People often change their styles and preferences, based on what is fashionable at any given time. Fashions have been shown to reflect societal changes and even economic conditions. People often display their status and wealth by the clothes they wear.

In modern Western society, clothing is usually designed for mass consumption. This type of clothing is often called ready-to-wear fashion, and it is available in standard sizes. This clothing is often sold in retail outlets and department stores. The fashion industry includes the designing, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and promotion of men’s and women’s clothing. It is a global industry.

The design of clothing is an art form. Designers use a combination of Western historical styles, folk traditions and ancient cultures. Designers also draw inspiration from their environment, as well as contemporary lifestyles and social attitudes. The fusion of these elements is what creates new fashion trends.

The popularity of a certain style of fashion can be measured by how quickly it is copied. Fashions can also be shown in magazines, movies and television shows. Some fashions may be considered classics that never go out of style, while others are short-lived and quickly replace themselves with new styles. People can also express their personalities through their clothing choices. For example, the flower power fashions of the 60’s summed up a whole attitude toward life.