How Technology Works – A Guide For IT Professionals and Students


Technology is an essential part of our daily lives, from the simplest stone tools to modern-day rockets. It can be an exciting field to work in but also brings with it a range of challenges, particularly when it comes to security and data protection. For this reason, it’s important to understand how technology works so that you can be as safe as possible.

This article explores a wide range of topics surrounding technology, from the more general ‘Tech4Good’ (which includes sustainable tech) to the more specific areas of Connectivity (including 5G), Game Changing technologies (incl. AI and VR) and Digital Technologies. Whether you are an IT professional or just interested in how we use technology, this is an excellent resource for you.

Inventing new technology requires a sympathetic social ethos – an environment willing to encourage inventors and their ideas. This might be limited to particular fields of invention, such as weapons or navigational techniques, or it may be a broader willingness to consider innovation at all, as was the case with the industrial middle classes in Britain in the 18th century, who encouraged and promoted inventors to help their businesses grow.

The aim of technological studies is to decouple the notion of technology from a ‘reductionist’ view that sees it as nothing more than a tool, the efficient means to an already determined end. As such, it seeks to liberate technology from scholars who reduce it to instrumental reason – the process of calculating which is the best means to a given end – and to rescue it from determinists who think that technology has no moral compass and is driven solely by the physical laws of the universe.