Religion – A Powerful Force in Our Lives

Religion is a powerful force in the lives of people all over the world. It can affect culture, politics and even personal identity.

Despite the claims that religion is on the decline in western Europe and North America, it’s growing elsewhere around the globe. Many people choose to be religious because it’s meaningful to them.

The link between religion and health

Research suggests that having faith can help protect you from illness, improve your quality of life and give you a longer lifespan. It can also strengthen your relationships with others, and make you more able to cope with stress.

The role of religion in American society

It is time for Congress to lead a national debate about the role of religion in our lives and in our nation’s culture. This includes questions about the content of our public schools and how our federal courts should be sensitive to the religious beliefs and practices of America’s people.

The definition of religion

The concept of religion is complex, and there are several different ways to define it. For example, some people define it as the conscious recognition of an objective factor or power that influences their thoughts and actions. Other people believe it is a feeling of dependence on this power and a need for its protection. Still others consider it a set of moral values or principles.