The Importance of Fashion


Fashion is a dynamic topic that changes constantly. A trend can turn into a fad and then disappear in a matter of hours. This makes it difficult to write about it unless one takes the time and effort to do proper research on the subject. This is especially true in a world where everything can be tweeted and posted on social media within seconds of the happening.

The main purpose of fashion is to create a sense of individual style. Fashion also reflects a certain period of time and is therefore an important indicator of culture. Fashion can also be seen as a tool of social control and manipulation. For example, a dress can make a person appear more refined or attractive to others. The same can be said for accessories and hairstyles.

In film, costume design can reveal character traits and show how a character is evolving. For instance, in Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment, the change in the clothing of Katerina Ivanovna from the drab, tattered clothes she wears at the beginning to her wearing jeans and a tee at the end is indicative of her changing attitudes. This is a result of the influence of her aunt’s advisory and the desire to be a “good” girl.

The fashion industry is a global, multi-billion dollar business that influences people from all walks of life. Fashion can be seen in the clothes and accessories we wear, the way we speak and even the way we walk.