The Role and Impact of Technology


Technology is the way human beings use knowledge to produce material goods and services. It includes all the equipment, software and techniques that enable humans to perform their work. It also encompasses all of the ways that people use information to accomplish tasks, make decisions and communicate.

Technological advancements have profound effects on culture. They can contribute to economic progress, improve living standards and medical advances, and make life more comfortable. But they can also disrupt traditional social hierarchies, create new forms of wealth and power, lead to environmental degradation and even harm people or their property. Understanding the role and impact of Technology is an important part of both science and our daily lives.

Almost every piece of modern technology is complex and requires sophisticated general and specific training to build, maintain and operate. For example, a computer can have thousands of components and require specialized training to repair.

The evolution of a new technology usually takes place in stages. Each step validates a new idea, builds a better understanding of the process and testifies to its feasibility. This is why apparently promising early technologies often stall midway through development.

Many industries use technology to streamline their business processes and increase productivity. Moreover, technological resources also help companies to make more accurate decisions and increase their competitive advantage in the market. For instance, a company can use IoT technology to develop a smart home or virtual reality to showcase historical art pieces and documents to visitors.