What is Fashion?


Fashion is a popular culture phenomenon that influences our choices of what to wear, buy and act on. It goes beyond just clothing, as it also involves shoes, body make-up, and accessories. It is a creative art form, reflecting cultural influences and individual identity, as well as being a significant influence on global economies.

Historically, styles in clothing changed more slowly than in other parts of culture; people were hesitant to adopt new trends and changes to their style. Today, this is no longer the case. Fashion is influenced by many different factors, including music and other cultural icons, sexy entertainers and even political figures and royalty. It can be difficult to distinguish between the concepts of style and fashion, but it is important to note that the word style generally refers to a combination of lines, shapes and forms, while fashion often references a specific popular trend at a particular point in time.

People seek change and fashion satisfies this desire in a meaningful way. It keeps society alive through different new styles, while respecting and changing old traditions and customs.

Fashion is addictive and people become obsessed with buying branded and trendy products. This consumes a huge amount of resources and leads to excessive pollution. For example, discarded clothes and body make-up waste put a burden on the environment. It is also an industry that has a negative effect on self-esteem, as it encourages peer pressure and the need for people to look good.