What Are Business Services?

In general, business services refer to work that assists a company but does not result in the production of a physical product. This could be anything from the banking services a business uses to finance its operations to the shipping services it requires in order to ship products to customers and clients. In many cases, a business will require several different types of business services in order to operate successfully. Some of the most common business services include consulting, marketing, software services, event planning, and insurance.

Adding a service to the Business Services page is a quick way to organize a group of related business processes into one convenient location. You can also add a service to the Favorites list to ensure that it displays at the top of the Business Services page. When a service is added to either the Favorites or Business Services list, the corresponding action button will be enabled. Click the button to set the service as a default or unmark it as a default.

Providing business services is a valuable part of the economy and provides high-paying jobs for professionals with the right skills and training. The industry is rapidly expanding, thanks to new technology and improved communication that enables companies to more easily outsource their non-core functions. The European Union is working to remove barriers to cross-border business services and encourage global competitiveness. These efforts include the establishment of a business services hub, which will facilitate the free movement of services within the EU.