Home Improvement – The Best Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Home improvement is the practice of making changes to improve a home. This can include a variety of projects, such as painting, remodeling, landscaping and more. Home improvements can add value to a property, and they can also increase the enjoyment of a home. This article will discuss how homeowners can improve their homes and what projects typically offer the best return on investment.

Many of the projects showing the biggest spike in interest during the pandemic involve work done outside the house, particularly those that focus on decks, sheds and fences. Anderson says this is likely due to the fact that completing these types of projects creates a noticeable change in the appearance of a property, as well as the sense of achievement from having completed a project that adds to the home’s functionality.

Aside from performing regular maintenance, such as replacing worn doorknobs and keeping up on gutter cleaning, the easiest ways to boost a property’s value are to update the kitchen or bathroom, and to install new lighting fixtures, a ceiling fan or a front door that will make a positive first impression. It’s important to be aware of the property’s location and neighborhood when improving a home, as overly flashy or out-of-character features may detract from a property’s value if they don’t appeal to buyers.

When hiring contractors for home improvement, always ask to see proof of license and insurance coverage, and check references. In addition, homeowners should avoid companies that use aggregators to bundle services and receive payment for their work in advance.