What Is Fashion?


Fashion refers to the prevailing style of dress or other expression of personal taste. It often changes more rapidly than culture as a whole. It may be influenced by celebrities or other public figures, as people seek to imitate them. It may also be a way to show solidarity with other groups, as was the case when the Chinese wore Mao suits.

The fashion industry deals with the design, production and retail of clothing and accessories. Its main activities include fashion shows that present designers’ visions, and the dissemination of these trends to consumers through fashion magazines and other media. Many of these trends are created within the fashion industry itself, by fashion designers and their clients, and by others in the industry like fashion journalists and influencers.

It is usually assumed that changes in fashion are driven by financial and social factors, and reflect the changing moods of a society. However, recent studies have shown that fashions can be initiated by internal mechanisms, such as the discovery of new styles and preferences during adolescence, or even by personal experiences and desires, such as the desire to be different.

Having good fashion sense involves knowing the difference between style (that lasts) and trend (that fades). It means being able to translate one’s personal taste into an aesthetic that speaks for them without saying a word, whether it’s a subtle whisper, a high-energy scream or a wink and smile. It means being able to change with the times while staying true to who you are, which is why most people have a lot of style changes during their adolescence as they try out different looks to find what they feel comfortable with.