What Is Fashion?


Fashion is a way of expressing personal style and identity. It’s also a form of art, with the potential to communicate ideas and messages about the world we live in. Fashion has been used to distinguish social classes, such as the robes worn by nobility in Renaissance Italy or the shorter dresses of WWII women adapted for wartime fabric shortages.

The term fashion may also be applied to the styles and trends of a particular period or culture, such as the roaring 20s. A person’s fashion choices may also be influenced by their gender, age or occupation. Fashions often change over time as new materials and techniques become available, such as the gabardine jacket introduced by British designer James Burberry in 1879 or the Ugg boot introduced by Australian sheep ranchers.

There are countless ways to express your sense of style, from mixing and matching fabrics and textures to pairing colors and shapes. It can be as simple as tucking a silk shirt loosely into your pants or as complex as upcycling vintage pieces into a new outfit. In addition, there are many ways to express your commitment to sustainable living and ethical sourcing: from choosing organic cotton to wearing vegan leather.

Fashion is a global industry that employs millions around the world and it’s a huge part of the economy in developing countries. It’s a fast-changing landscape that can be confusing and overwhelming for people who want to develop their own style. The best way to approach it is to set some parameters for yourself and then experiment with different styles.